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Wireless Installation at GuestHouse Silves

Algarve-cctv ended today another installation of wireless networks (internet wireless silves) in the city of Silves in Algarve, this local accommodation (Casa do Jardim Guest House Silves) despite having contracted the service of Fiber of Meo had a wireless internet with very little capacity for the 6 rooms that it has to rent.
The owner had 4 TP-LINK wireless signal repeaters that are in any computer store and which is not best suited for this type of facility where internet speed and area coverage is the top priority because the majority of people looking for this type of space always have an internet access throughout the space. Through our Professional range of Wireless antennas we have been able to cover the whole area as well as provide 50Mbps in the main areas of the house, we use only 2 wireless high capacity and low power indoor antennas.
Algarve-cctv (security solutions and wireless networks) always seeks to be abreast of the latest technologies in the market, through training and through technological investment, and in this way we always manage to have the best solution for each client and we are able to leave again one more satisfied customer, offering a clean, quick, simple and invisible installation for the guests of their Local Accommodation in Silves.
Do you have the same space (Local Accommodation) in Silves or nearby and would you like a wireless network solution like this?
Speak with us today, we will be happy to help you choose the best wireless solution in SILVES.
Our range of antennas can adapt to any space and size, from 1 room to 100 or more rooms.

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