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Benefits of our CCTV support service

Algarve-cctv Technical service solutions CCTV after sale
Learn more about the benefits of our remote CCTV support service,
when acquiring a product or service of technical assistance to Algarve-cctv is automatically access to our technical support, where you can count on our help and technical knowledge whenever you need and when you most need it.

Here are some strong points where our service stands out

  •   Unlimited remote settings and support CCTV devices purchased from us or with technical assistance contract;
  •   Network and router configuration, motion detection and e-mail alerts;
  •   Remote technical CCTV support whenever you need it
  •   Remote technical assistance with changing email alert settings,  setting up smart devices
  •   Technical team located in the Algarve just a phone call away
  •   Free toll-free telephone number where the customer can call throughout the day, every day to support him
    in any doubt you have on your CCTV system (provided that purchased from us and / or with active technical support)
  •   Help video translated into Portuguese and English to help our customers add access on their mobile phones and / or computers and how to get the most out of our solutions.
  •   If you are a victim of crime and need technical help downloading CCTV footage to hand over to authorities, or if you want your DVR configured to send email notifications or specific zone alerts, our in-house technical staff located in the Algarve / Portugal, can help you in this direction.

Algarve-cctv works every day for your total satisfaction.
Would you like to receive a technical assistance proposal? Speak with us today and we will be happy to help you choose the best cctv technical support solution in the Algarve.

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