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Wireless internet wireless system Sagres

Algarve-cctv successfully completed another wireless project today, which consisted of a wireless central installation in Sagres (Algarve), the installation was done between 2 distant points, the customer in question has several houses for the local accommodation with 50 houses. And their clients were without internet in most of the houses and as this type of service is one of the services in which the clients that when they come from vacations give more importance it was imperative to have all the space covered with the best possible wireless signal / internet we had to install our high gain wireless system after installation we found that with our range of wireless amplified antennas and only 2 antennas the space was covered with the necessary coverage to ensure an unprecedented internet service. If you have a commercial or housing space and you want a solution to your measure and at a cost vs very interesting benefit speak with us today, we have several types of equipment for each situation in which we can analyze each case as unique and we can help the client to the best equipment vs. cost, do not waste time and money investing on low-end equipment that are cheap but then prove to be not having enough capacity to function under conditions. Talk to us today and we’ll be happy to help you improve your internet coverage and wireless network.

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