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Video surveillance consultancy

Video surveillance consultancy

See our video surveillance consulting solutions in the Algarve. Algarve-cctv has several video surveillance consulting solutions, electronic security and IT systems throughout the Algarve. These systems are intended for private homes, commercial establishments, hotel units and restoration, urbanization and condominiums, etc.Only requires a recorder that can be equipped with one or more hard drives, the same recorder allows you to work simultaneously with several cameras and be connected to alarm units. The system allows you to store the images of continuous way (24 hours a day), recording according to a time stipulated by the user or only when there is movement in the cameras. The recordings of recordings can be accessed by the user in an intuitive way either through direct access on the spot or through any place to national or worldwide level needing only internet and a PC, Tablet, or smartphon and (IPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile). The installation of this type of systems (Collection of images) requires legal registration at the National Data Protection Commission, ALGARVE-CCTV has an exclusive area for our customers where it is all information about the procedures to be provided is provided.

Portugal Algarve CCTV is committed to its customers through a close and friendly relationship, being the tool that leads us so that each service can be of excellence with all the convenience and quality that each unique customer deserves . We take advantage of the best of the latest technology to stand out in the market for alarms, video surveillance cameras and technical computer services, at the most competitive and fair price for both parties. Client and company.

We are able to deliver the best products in the market and technical services.

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