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Video installation alvor surveillance

Algarve-cctv video surveillance solutions, practice direct marketing to the public through our online store. as well as the installation of security systems in Alvor, we also provide technical assistance to Riaalvor video surveillance installation, as well as technical assistance in the ria de alvor.
Algarve-cctv computer solutions and wireless networking systems also provides video surveillance installation. Praia da Rocha as well as technical assistance to CCTV and various surveillance equipment in Praia da Rocha, Portimão.
Video surveillance security solutions are essentially a set of cameras placed in strategic areas and locations, which allow capturing and transmitting images, these images can be captured at night as well as during the day, when they are captured they are then stored in a video surveillance recorder and at the same time transmitted to a certain device such as a mobile phone, laptop, fixed computer, monitoring center among others. , the solutions in this area are diverse, since this type of technology cctv, has been growing and being implemented in Portimão, as well as several cities in the country. This type of solution also allows to be linked to a central alarm where any suspicious activity is properly reported in real time.
Video surveillance systems in Alvor, Praia da Luz, Meia Praia, allow to be connected by cable or via wireless networks.
We have successfully developed several wireless projects, see our blog and see firsthand what we have developed in the area. of wireless security throughout the Algarve.
Do you need a video surveillance solution in dawn, half beach, quarteira or any other city in the Algarve?

Talk to us today, we will be happy to assist you in installing video surveillance in your home or business

The Algarve-cctv security company in the Algarve, in addition to installing this type of security solutions throughout the Algarve, also sells solutions for those wishing to purchase and install on their own premises, visit our online store at: www.algarve-cctv. com and see what news we have in store for you.

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