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New project of wireless networks Silves Guest accommodation

Accommodation in Silves new wireless project, greater coverage of wireless internet.
Our most recent client has a family home designed for local accommodation (Alojamento Local) in Silves, the house is have 4 floors and the client needed a wireless solution to provide their customers with high quality internet service throughout the space, customer thought that just by having the active internet fiber service would improve the internet in space but only having internet fiber without having high capacity wireless antennas would not have any effect. the customer always had a 10 / 9.9 rating on all accommodation review sites, but due to the poor reception of the internet in some places of the space was having at risk that same score, for that reason was talking with us to do something in relation to this problem. After a careful on-site analysis we draw our conclusions on what kind of equipment the customer needs, be aware of our next post, where we will show how the space was with the new antennas installed. The solution we chose was our 300Mbps high coverage antennas solution, which can cover up to 100 meters!
Do you also have a house for local accommodation and want to increase the level of satisfaction of your customers?
Speak with us today and we will be happy to help you provide quality service to your guests.

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