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Amplification of internet signal Praia da Luz

Amplification of internet signal Praia da Luz

The Zone of Praia da Luz has a weak Adsl internet coverage and can not provide a strong signal in all homes and / or establishments.
Algarve-cctv has been improving Internet provision in Praia da Luz through new technologies where we have been able to go from 6mb to 28mb of download, if you live in Praia da Luz and suffer from the same problem know that you can improve your service internet in more than 60% of performance.
Algarve-cctv is a company located in Portimão and provides wireless internet solutions and video surveillance and electronic security systems.
We have been installing on the Praia da Luz internet solutions in the Praia da Luz and other locations to increase the internet signal, we have solutions for both individuals and businesses, want more information on how to improve your internet service in your residence or shop?
Speak today with us, we will be happy to improve the internet service of your villa or shop in Praia da Luz.

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