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About Algarve-cctv

ALGARVE-CCTV is bound to a relationship of transparency and proximity with its customers and partners,
never limiting to an exclusively commercial relationship.
We work daily with the aim of providing a good quality of services and after installation assistance.
We select the best equipment. with the aim of providing and guaranteeing the best quality to our customers,
with a personalized service.
CCTV (Closed Cirtuit TV) systems are video surveillance systems, which allows the user to have a digital video record
and can view the same at any time. by date, time and place of recording.
These systems are intended for private homes, businesses, hotels and restaurants, housing developments and condominiums, etc. Only requires a recorder that can be equipped with one or several hard drives, the same recorder. allows you to work simultaneously with multiple cameras and to be connected to alarm units. ma allows you to store images continuously (24 hours a day), record at a time set by the user or only when there is camera movement.
Recordings can be accessed by the user intuitively either via direct on-site access or through any national or worldwide site requiring only internet and a PC, Tablet, or smartphone (IPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile).
The installation of such systems (Image Collection) requires legal registration. At the National Data Protection Commission,
ALGARVE-CCTV has an exclusive area for our clients where all the information on the procedures to follow is provided.
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